Growth/Fixed Mindset & Quotients

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Growth/Fixed Mindset & Quotients

By: Eka Wartana

Based on research by Dr. Carol Dweck, mindset is split into Growth and Fixed Mindset. If we dig this further, we will find the connections of these mindsets with at least three quotients: IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EI (Emotional Intelligence) and AQ (Adversity Quotient).

Growth Mindset:

  • Sees intelligence as something you can develop over time (IQ)
  • Willingly embraces challenges and risks possible failures (AQ)
  • Believes that effort and practice can lead to mastery (AQ)
  • See failures as temporary setbacks and persist in the achievement of goals (AQ)
  • Sees other people’s success as a source of inspiration (EI)
  • View feedback as an opportunity to grow and applies constructive criticism (EI)

Fixed Mindset:

  • Sees intelligence and talent as fixed (IQ)
  • Avoids challenges to prevent the possibilities of failures (AQ)
  • Believes that talent is innate so effort and practice aren’t important (AQ)
  • Gives up easily and views temporary setbacks as permanent failures (AQ)
  • Sees other people’s success as a threat of a source of jealousy (EI)
  • View feedback as a personal attack and ignores constructive criticism (EI)

From my experience, I noticed that many people show mixed mindset: growth and fixed mindset. A person could be confident for being able to develop his IQ, has strong drive to face difficult situations (high AQ) but not happy seeing other people’s success. There are people who are very smart in hiding his jealousy.

Besides, many of them are very sensitive against feedback or criticism. Objective feedback is considered as personal attack. Negative thoughts dominate his mind.

I remember advice from a neuro-semantic expert, Mr. Prasetya M Brata. He said, it is all about the ‘meaning’ that we put on the feedback or comments. Wisely consider the meaning would eliminate negative thoughts and lead us to behave as a mature person, emotionally.   

Very sad to hear some people talk loudly about kindness, about growth mindset, but in fact he has fixed mindset!

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