Managing Leader and Leading Manager

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Managing Leader and Leading Manager

By: Eka Wartana

So many people arguing about the difference of leader and manager, which one is better, who are leader, who are manager…..

9 Differences Between Being A Leader And A Manager based on (Contributor: William Arruda)

1. Leaders create a vision, managers create goals

2. Leaders are change agents, managers maintain the status quo

3. Leaders are unique, managers copy

4. Leaders take risks, managers control risk

5. Leaders are in it for the long haul, managers think short-term

6. Leaders grow personally, managers rely on existing, proven skills

7. Leaders build relationships, managers build systems and processes

8. Leaders coach, managers direct

9. Leaders create fans, managers have employees

Let us see it from a different angle….

Rather than differentiating leader and manager’s characteristics, why not combine them. In fact, they both are doing mixed role. By combining their characteristics we would have Managing Leader or Leading Manager, depends on which one is dominant.

Then we would have a ‘synergized’ characteristics:

  • Has vision and goals
  • As change agent and keep status quo situation as necessary
  • Copy good things while also being unique
  • Take and control risks
  • Think short, medium and long term
  • Rely on proven skills and keep growing it personally
  • Build relationship as well as systems and processes
  • Be a Coach, Mentor, Counsellor, Inspirator, Trainer and give directions
  • Employees can be fans too although it is not a priority having fans.

So, let us think differently by combining different things….

Warmest regards,

Eka Wartana

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Author: Relative-Contradictive, Berpikir Tanpa Mikir, To Think Without Thinking, MindWeb


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