If I own Whatsapp

Eka Wartana 21/10/2021 0
If I own Whatsapp

By: Eka Wartana

Whatsapp is a very useful social media, used for communication by most people in the world.

It is a very good ‘tools’ of communication. However, it still leaves some rooms for improvement. I am referring to WA in Android cell-phone.

In the current system, I and believe most likely many others too, experience loss of important messages. Yes, we can put important messages by marking ‘star’. But due to so huge amount of messages coming in the WA, important messages are often ‘missing’ or hiding in the “bush”.

If I own WA, I would consider to add facilities, among others:

  1. Bring up messages. The facility to bring up important messages in certain dates. For example, messages that need follow up. When forgotten, we will be no ‘action’. Work performance would be much affected. So is flyers for training, announcing too early, it would be forgotten. Announcing it too close to the date, people may not be able to attend as there is another plan already.
  2. Short by senders in WA group. Sometime we need to see all messages from a certain person. Searching it one by one is wasting time. And so far, searching a name only refer to the latest message and can be scrolled up/down.
  3. Blocking. There are so many ‘rubbish’ messages coming in. It often comes from certain persons in a group. Is it possible to block messages from certain persons in a group? (without blocking their numbers from our contact list)
  4. Screening the videos. So many videos from YouTube attached in WA messages. If possible, turn it to the link to YouTube only. (This might be difficult, but not impossible?)
  5. Duplication of pictures, videos, messages. Automatically delete same pictures, video in WA group, only keep the latest ones. This might not easy to implement but worth considering.

As we all know, huge number of messages, many of them are meaningless, have affected work efficiency in the office. It has caused declining in productivity. Hopefully some people have conducted study on this matter so we know the real situation.

In case I am the owner of Whatsapp, I would instruct my staff to study the ideas then implement it straight away…….

Hopefully Whatsapp have those issues in mind or have started to research the possibilities……or already have some of those fitures which I am not aware of?

Warmest regards,

Eka Wartana

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