Corona Kiling Equipment

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Corona Kiling Equipment

Coronavirus Killing Equipment

By: Eka Wartana

“Most Building Offices and Transport Facilities will have “Coronavirus Killing Equipment” installed in its Airconditioning System. It will help re-boost world economic back to normal”

What is “Coronavirus Killing Equipment”? It is equipment installed in air-conditioning system of buildings, transport facilities. This equipment has a set of Ultraviolet C LED that will kill the Coronavirus. Air in the suction part of air-conditioning system flows through UV-C equipment and kill Covid-19.

St Barbara University have conducted research and revealed that UV-C LED Lights could kill Covid-19.

Nowadays, employees are working from home (WFH), people avoid coming to malls, cinemas, avoid using airplanes, trains for travelling because they are afraid of Covid-19 spread in those facilities.

With the sterilized air flowing out of aircon system, people will feel secure against Covid-19 virus. With Covid-19 Killer installed, people will be back to office, people will enjoy shopping in malls, they will feel free to travelling and conducting mass activity without much worry. Companies will be back to business. Unemployment rate will be much reduced.

World economy will be improving!

Eka Wartana

Founder, Author: To Think Without ThinkingThe MindWeb Way.

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