Do Not Quit

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Do Not Quit

Do Not Quit

By: Eka Wartana

Motivation is one the key factor in an organization.

So many employees easily quit, when they encounter problems. This is not good for the organization, let alone for themselves.

Before my retirement, I was assigned as master mentor for management trainee program in Trakindo Utama, a Caterpillar dealer in Indonesia.

For motivation purpose, I created this poetry in February 2004:

When A Problem Hit

Solve It Bit By Bit

With Your High Spirit

But You Do Not Quit


But When Your Spirit Low

Let Your Feeling Flow

Until Your Confidence Grow

Then Give That Problem A Big Blow

When facing a big problem, people tends to give up. They do not try to find way out of that problem. In fact, most problem can be broken down to smaller problems. That gives them easier solution. Unfortunately, many people forget this approach.

Sometimes, we have low spirit when having a problem. In many circumstances, that situation is normal. Before solving the problem, we need to solve and manage our spirit first. Once we are confident, the problem would be easier to solve.

β€œIt is much better to be quite than to quit!” (The MindWeb Way)

β€œWinners never quit and quitters never win” (Vince Lombardi)


Best regards,

Eka Wartana

Professional Licensed Trainer (MWS Int) with 33 year-experience in various managerial profession.

Founder: The MindWeb Way of Thinking, To Think Without Thinking

Author: To Think Without Thinking (English Edition), Berpikir Tanpa Mikir (Indonesian Edition), MindWeb– A New Way of Thinking (English dan Indonesian)


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