To Think Without Thinking?

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To Think Without Thinking?

To Think Without Thinking?

To think without thinking? Is it possible? Many people don’t believe that humans have the ability to think without thinking. Many have done it before; they just didn’t know they did it. To think without thinking is possible to do, what impossible is to think without a brain.

Let’s see a daily life example. Someone who knows how to drive a car doesn’t need to think about how to turn on the engine, how to drive it, how to maintain the speed and so on. Driving a car becomes automatic, it’s being done without thinking.

Thoughts (minds) triggers all actions. If actions can be done without thinking, whereas actions start with thoughts, doesn’t it mean that to think can also be done without thinking?

The ability to think without thinking is not limited to a day to day life example. We can apply this to much bigger needs, such as in our role as an employee, a professional, a business owner, a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer and so on.

What is the “MindWeb way”? MindWeb aligns with a mind. The Web doesn’t have anything to do with a website as some people have thought. MindWeb is the network of thoughts. MindWeb is the foundation of ‘to think without thinking.’

Most people think in the same way all the time, the traditional way. The human brain processes individual objects separately, without connecting one with the other. Since when? Probably since Adam was alive. Next question, how long will people be thinking traditionally? Are we going to continue to think in the same way while hoping to reach a different result? Watch out, Albert Einstein might label this as insane, as he once said, “Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”

It’s time for us to upgrade our way of thinking. It’s time to change. A new concept

of thinking that is more efficient is invented, it is MindWeb. Let’s take advantage of the automatic thinking method, or known as to think without thinking.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

-Albert Einstein-

Source: To Think Without Thinking book, 2017

Eka Wartana

Founder The MindWeb Way of Thinking

Author: To Think Without Thinking – The MindWeb Way (A Thinking Breakthrough)

Professional Licensed Trainer (MWS International), with 33 years Managerial experience.

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